The Great Reset

This is a video presented by Marc Morano.

Topics discussed:

  • You will own nothing and be happy.
  • A Rare opportunity to reset our world.
  • Manmade food shortages.
  • Stay at home, rent what you want.
  • Meat must be an occasional treat.
  • Lab meat to be printed on a 3-D printer.
  • The planned car shortage.
  • Stop High yield agriculture to create the great food disruption.
  • Covid Lockdowns lead to Climate Lockdowns.
  • Give up your freedom and we will look after you.
  • Lockdowns – the road to one party rule.
  • The worship of dictatorship.
  • Authoritianism in Australia.
  • Demonisation of sceptics.
  • The need for a permanent climate crisis.
  • Digital cash to control spending of your own money.
  • The carbon footprint card – personal carbon allowances.
  • Government is the only source of truth.
  • Fact checking is censorship.
  • Their need to shut down the whole economy.
  • We need climate lockdowns every two years.
  • Politicians love emergency powers.
  • Limits on home heating, travel.
  • The era of growth is over – don’t leave you house.
  • No more home ownership – the era of the collective.
  • Private land ownership is racist.
  • Having children is environmental vandalism.
  • Do not question authority.
  • I want you to panic.
  • We need “The Great Resist”.
  • It will only happen if we allow it.

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