PM Morrison should take some Aussie Coal to Chilly Glasgow

By Viv Forbes

The Saltbush Club, Australia’s defenders of coal, cattle and cars, says that PM Morrison should not attend COP26 unless he also takes some high-energy Australian black coal to show the energy-starved Europeans the best source of stored solar energy.

(In 2017, Scott Morrison took a lump of black coal into the Australian Parliament to show those members wearing green goggles what a real solar energy storage battery looked like.)

As European winter approaches, just a few days of cold, quiet, cloudy weather will see electricity rationing or blackouts. Already, old coal plants are being fired up as wind, biomass and solar under perform and gas supply is limited. What happens to COP26 if France cuts the nuclear extension cord to UK?

Britain’s boasts of low carbon leadership are collapsing in humiliation. Our foolish and badly engineered green policies show the world that we have nothing to offer, except a grim warning. The Prime Minister should cancel COP26 and focus on saving Britain from a deepening energy crisis. – Dr Benny Peiser, Director, the Global Warming Policy Foundation

The World suddenly needs Coal and Gas:

Many energy-consuming notables plan to attend COP26 including Pope Francis, British Royals, Greta Thunberg, Joe Biden, John Kerry and Sir David Attenborough.

Not one of them will bring a bucket of coal or a bottle of gas, so it is up to Scott Morrison to keep the European home-fires burning. Maybe a gas-fired Ski-doo may also prove invaluable.

Boris Johnson should also get a fracking expert from Colorado to attend COP26 to teach UK and Europe how to frack their abundant gas deposits instead of paying ransom prices for Russian gas.

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  1. Prof Plimer.
    Yes: “they are trying to skin us”
    and telling us at the same time
    there will be no pain.

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