A Message from Madrid – NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY

Media Release/Opinion Piece
7 December 2019

This week Clintel attended the Heartland COP 25 conference at the Marriott Hotel in Madrid. The hotel was full of champagne-drinking COP delegates who were clearly enjoying themselves (‘climate business model in action’). To be sure they were not disturbed by demonstrators, Clintel had a recording room somewhere at the back and we heard about its coordinates on the same morning.

Guus Berkhout was the first speaker at the event that was live-streamed from the Marriot Hotel. It was not an official COP25 event but a Heartland side-event with the aim to sound a different message to the world.

Heartland had arranged several excellent speakers, such as Will Happer (who for the past year worked as an adviser in the White House), Lord Monckton, Anthony Watts, Douglas Pollock (our Chilean Clintel ambassador), Tom Harris, Stanley Goldenberg and a fascinating young German girl, Naomi Seibt, who gave an impressive speech about contentious issues such as climate change and the immigration crisis.

The whole event was available online at https://climaterealityforum.com/ and a record 76,000 watched.

A few conclusions:

1) The world should move from mitigation panic to intelligent adaptation (Guus Berkhout)

2) The economy of Chile is ruined by climate policy (Douglas Pollock)

3) The energy prices in Germany are vastly increasing (Wolfgang Müller)

4) New scientific insight shows that future climate sensitivity for CO2 is not more than 1.5 degrees, probably significantly smaller than 1.5 due to saturation effects (William Happer)

5) Climate models are immature and unfit for making policy (Christopher Monckton)

5) There is no evidence that global warming causes more natural disasters (Stanley Goldenberg)

6) Homogenisation of measurements lower the temperatures in the past (Anthony Watts)

7) The killing of birds and bats by wind turbines is much higher than reported (Tom Harris)

8) School children are massively brainwashed (Naomi Seibt)

Here is the Monckton address:

The World Climate Declaration was also prominently featured this week in one of Swedish largest newspapers, the Göteborg Posten (we hope to arrange a translation). Also the largest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf sent a correspondent to our session in Madrid which resulted in a big largely positive article (we will make a translation).

We are full of energy to continue reaching out to the public with our message “there is no climate emergency”.

Guus Berkhout and Marcel Crok, founders of the CLINTEL Foundation.

Authorised in Australia by:

Viv Forbes
0409 2777 94
Washpool Qld 4306 Australia

Any quotes taken directly from this statement may be attributed to Guus Berkhout or Viv Forbes.

Viv Forbes and Professor Ian Plimer are CLINTEL Ambassadors in Australia.

Professor Guus Berkhout, Founder of the Clintel Group can be contacted at: guus.berkhout@clintelgroup.org

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