Australia Must Clexit – “Leave While We Still Can”

by Bob Beatty, Brisbane, Australia

Australia should CLEXIT the Paris accord while the opportunity is still open to us. It is an evil attempt to coerce a free people into an undemocratic collective, otherwise described as a World Government.

Nothing could be better designed to result in widespread anarchy than this proposal. The United Nations must be widely condemned for instigating such a dangerous waste of scarce human resources.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

Never has this old idiom been more appropriate than when applied to the fake science of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The AGW doctrine can only lead to a dangerously weak Australian economy. Australia should support US leadership in this regard, and leave the “Paris Accord” as a matter of urgency, before it does more to undermine our natural energy and pastoral advantages.

Forests of Wind Turbines are giving useful Wind Power a Bad Name.”

One of the insidious side effects of this AGW scam is the building of inefficient, intrusive wind turbines across wide areas of our land. These blights on the landscape (which produce intermittent unreliable power) give wind power a bad name. As a result, we may eventually “throw the baby out with the bath water”.

It should be remembered that wind power pumped the North Sea out of the Netherlands, it pumps bore water at remote sites, and it powered the ships that discovered and settled Australia.

Technical advances in wind sail technology have provided craft competing in the America’s Cup which travel at speeds up to 2.2 times faster than the wind.

Other wind inspired technology development with which I have been associated, shows wind can be used to drought proof large inland regions, and provide despatchable electric power. See

The conclusion we can draw from these experiences is that wind associated with water can be a very beneficial association, but wind imposed on Australian base load power supplies is a hugely destructive exercise which can only be justified with large publicly funded subsidies. These policies are a direct result of our “Paris/UN” inspired political collaboration which we must effectively exit as a matter of urgency.


2 thoughts on “Australia Must Clexit – “Leave While We Still Can””

  1. I totally agree… last some common sense. I really don’t think that Scott Morrison would be brave enough to leave it though. I’ve mentioned it to him many times via Facebook and email.

  2. I recently watched a documentary from National Geographic about the birds on the Marshall islands attolls. The US had a presence on several during World War II. On one of the piers that still remain Was marked in red paint, I presume paint, For high tide and low tide at the pier. The paint marks were still on the pier and the waterline was near the center of the high tide and low tide. That seems to be a baseline for anybody contemplating man-made climate change or in a climate change. It was the same level from 1940s to today. Clearly proof positive that the sea hasn’t risen.

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