Why We need World-wide Clexit

The Bolin-Palme treason against Science, the IPCC and Paris illusions and a Clexit solution

By Nils-Axel Mörner
President of the Independent Committee on Geoethics Head of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics at Stockholm University (1991-2005)

Real science advances via questioning and accumulation of new observational facts. Far back in time, we left dogmatism behind. If Earth’s evolution goes forward via gradualism and catastrophism, science per se, rather advances via sudden new concepts (individual “aha” or “eureka” experiences), observational facts or experiment results. It follows the path: observation – interpretation – conclusion. In the modern new media world, fake news and falsified science may spread rapidly. This is utilized by lobbyist. The boundary between realism and falsified “facts” (fake news) becomes invisible.

It all goes back to the early 70s. The Swedish meteorologist Bert Bolin proposed the cause-and-consequence chain of increased CO2, increasing global temperature, melting glaciers and rising sea level. In 1973, the first fuel crisis happened. Olof Palme, the Swedish Prime Minister and old school friend to Bolin immediately saw new possibilities in a strong argument for leaving oil dependence and rapidly building up our nuclear power industry (“if we in 1990 do not have at least 24 nuclear power plants, it will not survive as an industrial nation”). Already in 1975, the fear of a future increase in atmospheric CO2 content was stated in the Swedish governmental declaration.

Palme realized that he would not be able to control science, so he proposed the establishment of a new intergovernmental body within the United Nation to handle the question. Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland grasped the message, and put it in focus in the Brundtland Report of 1988. IPCC was born and Bolin became its first chairman with a basic mission: “to document the anthropogenic global warming”; i.e. the goal was set before the project started. The Sun was purposely left outside “because this is a project in meteorology and oceanography”, he said.

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France Too Needs to CLEXIT the Paris Climate Agreement

by Bernard Beauzamy

Chairman and CEO
August 6th, 2018

Global Warming has more or less disappeared from international preoccupations, since Donald Trump was elected as President of the US: he withdrew from the Paris agreements, signed after COP21, and after that, a large majority of countries declared “just forget everything”. CO2 emissions keep increasing, both in industrial countries and in countries under development, coal is back everywhere, including in Germany.

In the US, even the theory of global warming has been criticized: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was subject to a subpoena from the US Senate, asking them to work correctly, publish their data and arguments. We do not know if they complied: when people are not used to such habits, it is hard to adopt them.

In France, conversely, nobody took into account the changes in the US and there was no official question about the IPCC’s orientations: the theory of “Global Warming” is still accepted by our governments and by our media. The “Carbon Tax” is one of the key measures proposed by Emmanuel Macron as a presidential candidate, and the French Minister of Environment, Nicolas Hulot (a former journalist) still continues with his “energy transition” (which means, for him, abandon nuclear and develop solar and wind). In France, a vast majority of young people is now convinced that CO2 is a poison! Clearly, the “Paris Agreement” has been detrimental for France, not only economically, but scientifically speaking.

This state of things is not satisfactory to me; I should now take opportunity of this political quietness to develop a more rational approach to these questions.
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Graham Williamson, Sydney, Australia
September 2018

Controlling Climate and Global Wealth Redistribution – a costly agenda indeed!

2015 was a very big year for the global problem solvers at the UN. In September Australia’s former Foreign minister, Julie Bishop, signed the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals agenda, and in December the UN conducted the Paris climate change conference, which was later signed by Australia’s Environment Minister, Greg Hunt. Earlier, in July the same year, Australia participated in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda to discuss ways of financing the UN’s exceedingly costly agenda.

The first part of this agenda, namely, controlling the climate, is extremely costly in itself, and the folks at the UN tell us they need much more of our money to turn down the heat. But they also need more of our money to pay the ‘climate debt’ to compensate socialist and theocratic countries, which seem to be selectively targeted by our ‘damaging’ CO2 emissions, or so the story goes.

However, the really big dollars are needed to implement Julie Bishop’s 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. For this agenda the UN needs a further $6 trillion annually so we can all be compelled to manage our properties and lifestyles correctly and meet the UN’s ‘sustainability’ requirements. And under SDG 4.7 the UN seeks to teach our children, through global citizenship education, that only the UN can ‘solve’ problems which the UN defines as ‘global’ problems. So called ‘climate change’ is ‘global problem’ SDG 13. The $6 trillion figure is expected to blow out considerably as fixing the climate and ensuring the sustainability of the earth, and educating children to believe all this, is a costly business indeed. No wonder virtually all government departments are devoted to helping the UN. Continue reading “FROM CLEXIT TO UNEXIT”

Australia Must Clexit – “Leave While We Still Can”

by Bob Beatty, Brisbane, Australia

Australia should CLEXIT the Paris accord while the opportunity is still open to us. It is an evil attempt to coerce a free people into an undemocratic collective, otherwise described as a World Government.

Nothing could be better designed to result in widespread anarchy than this proposal. The United Nations must be widely condemned for instigating such a dangerous waste of scarce human resources.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

Never has this old idiom been more appropriate than when applied to the fake science of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

The AGW doctrine can only lead to a dangerously weak Australian economy. Australia should support US leadership in this regard, and leave the “Paris Accord” as a matter of urgency, before it does more to undermine our natural energy and pastoral advantages.

Forests of Wind Turbines are giving useful Wind Power a Bad Name.”

One of the insidious side effects of this AGW scam is the building of inefficient, intrusive wind turbines across wide areas of our land. These blights on the landscape (which produce intermittent unreliable power) give wind power a bad name. As a result, we may eventually “throw the baby out with the bath water”.

It should be remembered that wind power pumped the North Sea out of the Netherlands, it pumps bore water at remote sites, and it powered the ships that discovered and settled Australia.

Technical advances in wind sail technology have provided craft competing in the America’s Cup which travel at speeds up to 2.2 times faster than the wind.

Other wind inspired technology development with which I have been associated, shows wind can be used to drought proof large inland regions, and provide despatchable electric power. See https://principia-scientific.org/wind-into-wine/

The conclusion we can draw from these experiences is that wind associated with water can be a very beneficial association, but wind imposed on Australian base load power supplies is a hugely destructive exercise which can only be justified with large publicly funded subsidies. These policies are a direct result of our “Paris/UN” inspired political collaboration which we must effectively exit as a matter of urgency.

Web: www.bosmin.com

Brexit and Clexit: “Leave Means Leave”

by Roger Tattersall

Roger is a founding member of Clexit: https://clexit.net/about/

He also runs the astrophysics, climate science and energy policy blog: http://tallbloke.wordpress.com.

He is very active in the Brexit campaign. http://leavemeansleave.eu

The UK’s political class is being dragged reluctantly towards taking Britain out the EU as the majority of the electorate instructed them to do in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

People power is also asserting itself on climate policy as voters wake up to the facts:

  • So-called “renewable energy” is expensive and unreliable.
  • Carbon taxes are unpopular and damage economies.
  • The largest countries such as the USA, China, India and Russia are not committing to significant real emissions reduction.
  • There is no convincing evidence that reducing emissions will make a measurable reduction to global surface temperature (even if that was a worthwhile goal).

Researcher Bjorn Lomborg recently published a paper in which he estimates that even using the IPCC’s own inflated formulas that relate global temperatures to atmospheric CO2, economy-crippling reductions in emissions might reduce surface temperature by an unmeasurable 0.02o C to 0.05o C by the year 2100. Meanwhile these emission-reduction rules are killing the economy and inflating electricity prices. Plain common sense tells us that these policies are wasting resources and money.


Moreover, the science is not settled. At the recent Porto Climate Conference, presentations were made by experts on diverse subjects including:

  • CO2 sensitivity (low),
  • sea level changes (1.1mm/year globally),
  • the insignificance of bovine flatulence,
  • the possibility that it is atmospheric mass which affects surface temperature rather than the percentages of ‘greenhouse gases’ in the atmosphere,
  • the tragic loss of life in the Grenfell tower inferno which was caused by EU regulations driven by “climate-scare”.


In addition, climate policies tied to foreign aid are forcing African people to continue cooking over charcoal and dung because electrical power generation on a large scale is deemed “undesirable”. And while boosting the use of biomass may help “green energy” statistics, it also shortens lives and reduces the ability of African societies to add value to the raw materials they produce. There are also knock-on effects which are driving mass migration.

Climate change is not the problem – climate policy is! We urge all Governments to exit their destructive climate policies.



We did elect Trump to get us out of the Paris Agreement; we did our Clexit, we are trying to hold on to it. One biggest problem, in the fight against CO2 alarmism is the huge number of Luke-Warmers that say they are on our side. Promoting a CO2 sensitivity that is almost 2 degrees supports the idea that CO2 has a serious role in temperature regulation. Water, in all of its states, is abundant and water, ice, and water vapor, is the self correcting force that keeps earth temperature in narrow bounds, much more narrow bounds during the recent ten thousand year Holocene. Climate changes in natural cycles and man does not cause them.

Herman A (Alex) Pope
Retired from NASA in Houston in 2007

Why Australia should Clexit Paris Treaty

It is clear that the push to meet the Paris carbon dioxide emission targets is leading to higher power costs, and hence prices, and unreliable supply.

It is also a fact that the predictions of the warmists have not happened.

The IPCC scientific reports are stated in possibilities, yet the guidance for policy makers is written as certainty. A farce.

I hope the new leadership of the Australian Government has the courage to guide our country in a rational manner on this subject as Angus Taylor seems keen to do, and abandons the Paris Treaty.

Jerry Ellis AO
Retired Chairman BHP, retired Chancellor Monash University, and retired Chairman of Landcare

Climatologist Dr. Tim Ball: CLEXIT: Canada Must Get Out of the UN Paris Climate Agreement

CLEXIT: Canada Must Get Out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

By Dr. Timothy Ball

I am proud to be the Canadian representative for the climate exit (CLEXIT) movement. Canada has more culpability than any other nation in creating and perpetuating the deception. It is not hyperbole to say that Canada was central to creating and mobilizing the false claim of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). The idea that humans were causing runaway global warming originated with the Club of Rome. Formed in 1968 by David Rockefeller, it expanded on the Malthusian idea that the population would outgrow the food supply. The expansion was that world population would outgrow all resources. They made three major assumptions.

  • The demand for resources would increase every year because the population is increasing every year.
  • Developed nations increase the demand by using resources at a much greater rate than developing nations.
  • More nations are changing from developing to developed and accelerating demand.

They produced a few books and reports to substantiate the claims about population and demand. Paul Ehrlich’s 1968 The Population Bomb garnered enormous attention. Less well read but still influential was the 1972 book Limits to Growth by Meadows et al. It used a very primitive computer program that started with two components. The known volume of a resource and the current rate of use. Then, using a simple linear trend, it projected the point at which the resource would run out. It also projected the point at which the volume of the resource use peaked. Another book published in 1977, Ecoscience, Population, Resources, and Environment, influenced policy for a long time because of Paul Ehrlich’s co-author John Holdren. He later became Science Advisor in the Obama White House.

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