Patrick Moore on CO2

Greenpeace co-founder on closing Canada’s coal fired power plants, and the misuse of the term “carbon”.

9 thoughts on “Patrick Moore on CO2”

  1. I applaud this initiative! I hope this opposing view can gain some traction in the mainstream media, all of whom seem to have “drunk the cool aid”.

    I am a retired educator at both the public school and college levels, and currently the executive director of a regional non-profit, who is dismayed at the level of misinformation that is accepted by my colleagues and by our current Canadian government.

    1. Hello, whoever has the job to verify this comment. You only have two comments from the flat earth brigade supporting your unimaginably silly group. Stop arguing with scientists about science because it’s embarrassing. No supports you. Go away.M

  2. About time we had a common sense approach! Al Gore is a scam artist and boy oh boy has he done some damage, there’s more pollution exhailed from his mouth than a bunch of 747’s…lol

  3. Honestly your campaign is ridiculous and anyone who agrees with you is an uneducated buffoon. However my biggest criticism towards your organisation that is just an awful, awful, website! I’d have thought that with all the oil and coal companies backing you, you could afford a website that doesn’t look like it was thrown together by a GCSE student phoning in his final project of the year. Your Demographic are obviously attracted to shiny things so I’d recommend sorting this out if you want to be taken serious by the knuckle dragging community.

    1. Your post, Mr Gore, brings instantly to my memory the famous quote : “Les injures sont les raisons de ceux qui ont tort” (Fenelon).
      Google will help you to translate this and to find out who was Fenelon.

    2. Why do the alarmists refuse to discuss the science? Is it because they have none or is it because they are too scared to do so.

  4. At last!! An organization which potentially can expose and defeat the ignorant misconception that a “majority” of any type controls what is “scientifically valid.”

    Science searches for the truth, and even if truth is outnumbered, it is still truth. “Majority” is a political goal which has nothing to do with either truth or science.

    So one prediction of an observable result and an independently reproducible experiment which demonstrates it is worth a billion Al Gores spouting political nonsense about buying a couple of degrees of temperature by giving up all our money, modern conveniences, and freedom….and accepting the death of millions who fall victim to his followers’ futile attempts to control the sun.

    Global Warmists tend to hide and avoid attempts to validate their data, and they are famously incapable of accurate prediction of independently observable events.

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