Beyond Mad Max with Dystopian AI

By John Mikkelsen

The dystopian future predicted in the Mad Max movie franchise may be closer than ever and it won’t take World War 3 to make it a reality.

To me the only ones worth watching were the original and its sequel starring homegrown hero Mel Gibson. Those drab desert landscapes from Mad Max 2 on, were traversed by fast supercharged fossil fuel powered vehicles without a single EV on the horizon.

So while the Teslas pile up unwanted at Port Melbourne and sales of EVs are declining globally, they represent just the tip of the iceberg on which the Western world seems destined to founder in its mad rush to offset climate change “driven by CO2 emissions.”

The fact that climate always changes and it’s mainly driven by natural cyclical forces beyond our control, is overlooked by political leaders pushing the green dream of “renewable energy” focussed on the unreliable intermittent sources of solar and wind power. Continue reading “Beyond Mad Max with Dystopian AI”

The Return of the Hungry Horses

By Viv Forbes

When I was young (many decades ago) we lived on a small family farm at Wheatvale near Warwick on the Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia.

Our lifestyle was close to the organic self-sufficient nirvana that today’s green zealots babble on about – we produced much of what we needed and needed most of what we produced, using mainly solar power plus a bit of hydrocarbon and wind energy.

But life was no picnic. Continue reading “The Return of the Hungry Horses”

The Cold Truth on Global Warming

This is the dramatic story of how an eccentric environmental speculation grew into a powerful global scare industry; it is the story of the corruption of science, the defrauding of taxpayers, the destruction of reliable energy, the bullying of anyone who dares question the narrative and a hidden agenda for shortages, rationing, environmental destruction and global control. The film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. In fact, we are currently near the end of a warm interlude in an ice age and there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past. Continue reading “The Cold Truth on Global Warming”

Australia’s ‘Green’ Politicians Spew Climate Alarmism As They Sabotage Water Conservation

By Viv Forbes

Almost every river in Eastern Australia is now pouring surplus water into the sea. But only two dams have been built in Queensland in the last 20 years—the Wyaralong Dam, built 13 years ago, and Paradise Dam, built 19 years ago.

Droughts will come again and we will wish for another dam-builder like Joh Bjelke-Petersen, whose government built at least eight dams in Queensland—the Burdekin, Wivenhoe, Hinze, Beardmore, Haig, Fairbairn, Bjelke-Petersen, and Eungella. [emphasis, links added]

But that all came to a halt in 1988 when the plans to build the Wolffdene Dam were scuttled by all the usual suspects. Continue reading “Australia’s ‘Green’ Politicians Spew Climate Alarmism As They Sabotage Water Conservation”


By Cliff Reece….. with a little help from Brendan O’Neill

The late Prince Philip would probably have had a few words to say to his son King Charles following his speech at COP28 in Dubai. Firstly, he’d be reminding him that British monarchs are expected to remain silent on political issues.

Secondly, he’d be strongly disagreeing with his son’s views on global warming.

Continue reading:

Marc Morano Comments on COP28 Proposals

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COP28 Truth

Sultan Al Jaber, the President of COP28, again exemplifies the old Arab Proverb ‘He who speaks the truth must also own a fast horse’.

He has been quoted as stating there is no science indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating. Reputable scientist after reputable scientist are demonstrating the disconnect between human recycling of carbon dioxide and the climate.

In fact while computer models consistently show remarkably inconsistent and abysmally incorrect correlation with what is actually happening, stark geologic records show we are in a period of perilously low atmospheric levels of the essential plant nutrient, carbon dioxide.

The Sultan is being condemned by adherents to the myth that surface temperatures can be controlled to within 1.5C by regulation of CO2.

To the Sultan, get back on your high horse and tell ’em they’re dreaming’.

John McRobert

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By Cliff Reece

The PVV (Party for Freedom) led by Geert Wilders (pictured above) emerged victorious in a seismic election in the Netherlands last week that resulted in fears from left-wing climate activists’ groups that it will adversely impact on the country’s global warming objectives.

The party is projected to win 37 seats in the 150 seat Dutch parliament, putting it in the driver’s seat to form a new government.

“We are shocked,” Extinction Rebellion Netherlands says. “This outcome will likely mean a rollback of climate measures, new fossil investments, exclusion of marginalised groups, and more.”

Friends of the Earth Netherlands spelled out what PVV’s rule could mean for Dutch society: “A Wilders government will mean four years of climate change denial, exclusion and a breakdown of the rule of law.”