Why Australia should Clexit Paris Treaty

It is clear that the push to meet the Paris carbon dioxide emission targets is leading to higher power costs, and hence prices, and unreliable supply.

It is also a fact that the predictions of the warmists have not happened.

The IPCC scientific reports are stated in possibilities, yet the guidance for policy makers is written as certainty. A farce.

I hope the new leadership of the Australian Government has the courage to guide our country in a rational manner on this subject as Angus Taylor seems keen to do, and abandons the Paris Treaty.

Jerry Ellis AO
Retired Chairman BHP, retired Chancellor Monash University, and retired Chairman of Landcare

3 thoughts on “Why Australia should Clexit Paris Treaty”

  1. From my experience with Australian politicians very few have taken the time to research the science. One minister, (Labor), in response to my request for the scientific evidence the Queensland government was using in it’s policy for 50% renewables said he “beleeved the science”. On another occasion I told him the Barrier Reef was not being destroyed by global warming and that the air in contact with the ocean UV radiation, did not penetrate water and the ocean was warmed by direct sunlight, short wave radiation, his reply was he “beleeved the CSIRO” By the way, I was told at my local state MPs office the other day that they have signed lock-in contracts for 50% renewables. That’s the end of Queensland.

  2. Well said, Jerry.

    A pity that your successor in Jac Nasser, his CEO Andrew Mackenzie and his Coal Division President who is now Minerals Operations President Mike Henry lack your understanding.

    What holds them back: is theirs a lack of basic knowledge, a lack of integrity or a lack of courage?

    See correspondence with coal industry leaders here: http://www.climate.conscious.com.au/coaloh.html

    Or do they simply not care about humanity and the environment. Coal saved the whales. Coal saved the forests. Coal gave us cheap, clean energy that raised human productivity, prosperity and wealth that enables us today to care for the environment better than at any time in human history.

    Malcolm Roberts
    Former senator for Queensland
    Lead senate election candidate – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

  3. The issue with BHP may stem from their dual listing. This puts them at the behest of the EU. Is this a condition of their LSE listing?

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