COP28 Truth

Sultan Al Jaber, the President of COP28, again exemplifies the old Arab Proverb ‘He who speaks the truth must also own a fast horse’.

He has been quoted as stating there is no science indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating. Reputable scientist after reputable scientist are demonstrating the disconnect between human recycling of carbon dioxide and the climate.

In fact while computer models consistently show remarkably inconsistent and abysmally incorrect correlation with what is actually happening, stark geologic records show we are in a period of perilously low atmospheric levels of the essential plant nutrient, carbon dioxide.

The Sultan is being condemned by adherents to the myth that surface temperatures can be controlled to within 1.5C by regulation of CO2.

To the Sultan, get back on your high horse and tell ’em they’re dreaming’.

John McRobert

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By Cliff Reece

The PVV (Party for Freedom) led by Geert Wilders (pictured above) emerged victorious in a seismic election in the Netherlands last week that resulted in fears from left-wing climate activists’ groups that it will adversely impact on the country’s global warming objectives.

The party is projected to win 37 seats in the 150 seat Dutch parliament, putting it in the driver’s seat to form a new government.

“We are shocked,” Extinction Rebellion Netherlands says. “This outcome will likely mean a rollback of climate measures, new fossil investments, exclusion of marginalised groups, and more.”

Friends of the Earth Netherlands spelled out what PVV’s rule could mean for Dutch society: “A Wilders government will mean four years of climate change denial, exclusion and a breakdown of the rule of law.”

Net Zero Nonsense

By Bryan Leyland

Net Zero electricity by 2030 using wind and solar power is an impossible dream: the technologies and resources needed to carry it out don’t exist. (“Net Zero” means that we do not burn gas and coal for electricity generation except, maybe, in dry years.

The report by the Interim Committee on Climate Change stated correctly that we would need fossil fuels for the foreseeable future to keep the lights on during windless nights and during dry hydro years. This report was shelved by the government and superseded by a Climate Commission report that had minimal (if any) input from experienced power system engineers.

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The Great Reset

This is a video presented by Marc Morano.

Topics discussed:

  • You will own nothing and be happy.
  • A Rare opportunity to reset our world.
  • Manmade food shortages.
  • Stay at home, rent what you want.
  • Meat must be an occasional treat.
  • Lab meat to be printed on a 3-D printer.
  • The planned car shortage.
  • Stop High yield agriculture to create the great food disruption.
  • Covid Lockdowns lead to Climate Lockdowns.
  • Give up your freedom and we will look after you.
  • Lockdowns – the road to one party rule.
  • The worship of dictatorship.
  • Authoritianism in Australia.
  • Demonisation of sceptics.
  • The need for a permanent climate crisis.
  • Digital cash to control spending of your own money.
  • The carbon footprint card – personal carbon allowances.
  • Government is the only source of truth.
  • Fact checking is censorship.
  • Their need to shut down the whole economy.
  • We need climate lockdowns every two years.
  • Politicians love emergency powers.
  • Limits on home heating, travel.
  • The era of growth is over – don’t leave you house.
  • No more home ownership – the era of the collective.
  • Private land ownership is racist.
  • Having children is environmental vandalism.
  • Do not question authority.
  • I want you to panic.
  • We need “The Great Resist”.
  • It will only happen if we allow it.

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Billionaires Climate Lobby

By Barry Brill

There was once a time when climate change was about science. No longer.

It is now about money and politics. Not just some of it. All of it.

The peak event of the worldwide money-politics intersection is the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. The 2023 “Global Risks” meeting is being held this week – with a dominant theme (again) being the campaign to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.

Like COP meetings, the Davos meeting is the very epitome of hypocrisy.

More than a thousand private jet aeroplanes serviced last year’s meeting. As Greenpeace says: “The rich and powerful flock to Davos in ultra-polluting, socially inequitable private jets to discuss climate and inequality behind closed doors”.

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The Coming Crash of the Climate Cult

By Viv Forbes

The Climate Cult worships two green idols – electric vehicles and wind-solar energy. This is part of a futile UN scheme promoting “Net Zero Emissions” which aims to cool the climate of the world by waging war on CO2 plant food.

Green worship is the state religion of all western nations. It is promoted by billionaires with other agendas, and endlessly repeated by the UN, the bureaucracy, all government media, state education and most big business leaders.

The promotion of electric cars and trucks will cause a great increase in the demand for electricity to replace diesel, petrol and gas. Continue reading “The Coming Crash of the Climate Cult”

Ruled by Fools

By Viv Forbes

Australia has become a nation ruled by fools.

We have surrendered power over every aspect of our lives and industry to fifteen debating chambers in eight ruling cities. These assemblies are controlled by lawyers, unionists, centralists, green dreamers, power seekers and tax consumers.

Their direct cost alone is horrendous. There are 837 politicians (ignoring local government). Each has a salary (say $200Kpy), travel and office costs (say $150Kpy), and staff costs (say $200Kpy) – a billion here, plus a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking real money. Continue reading “Ruled by Fools”

Crusading Hypocrites Look Forward To The Next (COP27) Junket In Egypt

By Dr. John Happs

Much criticism has rightly been levelled at the many Conferences of the Parties (COPS) that have seen politicians, celebrities, royals and green activists travel to 26 annual climate conferences, with more to come. No doubt, those self-opinionated people will always want to meet at expensive locations around the world, dining in style and with many arriving by private jet to save the world from climate doom.

The United Nations Climate Change Conferences are annual meetings within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). They are formal gatherings to discuss progress being made towards “addressing climate change” with the UN attempting to establish legally binding obligations from developed countries to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. The same developed countries are asked to pay hefty “climate compensation” to developing countries that simply want that money under the guise of fighting imaginary catastrophic anthropogenic global warming or seeking reparations for climate damage.

So, what progress has been made at those taxpayer-assisted Conferences of the Parties over the last 26 years?

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Germany’s Energy Catastrophe

Lignite Power Plant in Neurath, Germany. Shutterstock
Lignite Power Plant in Neurath, Germany. Shutterstock

By Lea Booth

Germany may be the only nation that has based its energy policy on absolution.

Germans call it Energiewende (“energy transition”), and they aim to decarbonize their economy and lead the world by replacing their fossil fuel and nuclear plants with renewable energy. Germany is the first major nation to undertake such an effort, and, as hoped for, their early adoption of renewables has catalyzed a spectacular drop in costs for those technologies. A reporter summed up German attitudes towards the Energiewende, writing, “Germans would then at last feel that they have gone from being world-destroyers in the 20th century to world-saviors in the 21st.”

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